The Games To Enjoy This Christmas That Are Perfect For Zoom

It’s fair to say it’s going to be a very different Christmas this year in comparison to others. While we’ve always used technology to contact loved ones at this time of year, it seems like video calling is going to be more important than ever. 

Not just to wish each other a Happy Christmas, but to socialise and even enjoy Christmas parties too. 

And of course, when it comes to those types of things, it’s all about bringing the fun. Some forms of game lend themselves better to video calling than others, so which are the games you should be enjoying over Zoom this Christmas? 

The Quiz 

The pub quiz was something that really took off during the initial lockdown and millions of people across the country were enjoying not only DIY quizzes, but plenty of organised ones from professionals too. In some cases tens of thousands of people were playing along, while others were simply enjoying them with a few friends. 

Christmas is always a good time for quizzes, and this year will be no different as families and friends will look to get together all over the world from the comfort of their own home.  


Bingo is another game which has been hugely popular during lockdown. That’s predominantly thanks to the many online bingo platforms currently available to play on via your desktop and mobile. 

In some cases, the number of players during the height of lockdown had increased by a third and there was a bustling community on many sites as people not only looked to enjoy a game they could now longer enjoy in bingo halls, but also socialise too. 

The game also lends itself incredibly well to Zoom too, with you not really needing any particular tools or equipment to play. As it’s randomly drawing numbers and people marking those numbers off cards, you can easily create makeshift cards and then even draw pieces of paper out of a hat to play! You still get all the thrill of bingo, and what’s more, you can even have prizes for the winners, for an extra special Christmas treat! 

Murder Mystery 

If you’re looking to enjoy something a little more complex and competitive with friends, then there’s been a rise in virtual murder mystery games. They work in much the same way as cluedo, or the murder mystery nights you may have been on. 

Each person is given a character, and it’s then up to you all to uncover who was the murder and how the murder occured. There are now games you can download to specifically play over Zoom, with games for a range of numbers, whether it be six people or even as many as 40! 

There are dozens of different companies offering this, and also dozens of different scenarios too, from country house murders to theatres, cruiseships and more.  

Murder Mystery Games has proved a popular choice for many that have already enjoyed murder mysteries online, and it is certainly a great idea for those wanting to do something a little different. They generally cost around £20 to £30 but are well worth it with a full evening of entertainment. 


For those on a slightly tighter budget, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t bring the old family favourite of charades to the virtual world. We may all be used to playing it in the living room after a few sherrys but this year is a little different, but why should you miss out? 

Get the cameras set up, the messaging services at the ready and enjoy a virtual game in what may be a little more difficult, but will ultimately be twice as much fun! 

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