Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas (2012) Review



Directed by Dave Campfield Written by Dave Campfield
Starring Dave Campfield, Paul Chomicki, Deron Miller, Lloyd Kaufman

83 mins - Horror | Comedy | Christmas - Release date: 30 June 2012

If you’ve been out Christmas shopping, like I have, and if you’re fed up with with assholes in parking lots, pushy customers with no regard for anyone else, and impatient cashiers, like I am, then you might be ready for a low-budget Christmas horror comedy to calm your nerves. Having said that, you might consider Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas for your viewing pleasure… or displeasure.

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I’m not going to lie, this is a horrible movie. Any high school student with a camera and a group of friends could have made an equally good movie. It’s buried at first, but once you realize that the comedy here is dry the movie becomes that much more enjoyable. And once the movie starts making fun of itself you can start actually letting out a chuckle or two… and then the substandard acting and distractingly bad sets become part of the movie’s charm.

It’s true, by the time the final credits roll, the movie has quite a bit of charm.

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Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas centers on two half brothers, Caesar and Otto, who take a non-paying job as Santa’s helpers handing out flyers for Xmas Inc. Early on, Caesar tries to host a Thanksgiving dinner, but the majority of his guests cancel. Then, because Caesar said he looked like one of Keith Richards’ illegitimate daughters, one of the brothers’ Santa coworkers takes a disliking to them and forms a personal vendetta. To get to them, this third Santa starts killing off all of the guests who cancelled on Caesar’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Things eventually develop and we learn that there’s a Satanic cult trying to rejuvenate the origins of Xmas.

There are plenty of random moments as well. Such as the guy who gets his arms chopped off and escapes his murder by driving away in a car… and then he has both arms later on in the movie. A deliberate inconsistency? I actually think it is. It’s especially funny when our armless victim tries to flag down a car and exclaims, “I can’t even hitchhike.”

The love story between Otto and Allison is pretty random too.

The gore? The gore is sparse, but it’s actually very well executed for such a low-budget movie. It’s not realistic, but it looks pretty damn good.

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The Verdict:

If you’ve got time to spare this Holiday Season, you could find worse things to do, like embarrassing yourself at the company Christmas party and ending up in your local drunk tank, than watching Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas. Hey, you can’t go wrong with a free movie! That’s right, by using this link you can access Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas for free on the Movie & Music Network.

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