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In the world of online casinos and gambling, a common question that often arises is, is this hot new game a scam? Am I likely to get duped? While it is good to be on your guard for websites and games that can potentially dupe and defraud you of your hard-earned money, it is also great to be able to do your own research and come up with answers on whether or not your suspicions are true. So if you are wondering if this massively popular game Mega888 is legit and scam-free, keep reading to find out. 

It has the required licenses 

One of the first and surest signs to be sure an online casino game is a scam is if they do not have the required licenses they need to operate fully in several counties. Since Mega888 is a game that can be played in several parts of the world and is created by the same company of the well-known SCR888, it makes sense that it would be held to the regulatory standards of these counties as well. It has a license from the USA, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, and several other counties. Before handing out licenses, these casino games pass thorough checks and have strict regulations so any game with licensing from them is definitely legit. 

Top-notch customer service 

Another sign of a shady website is one where there is hardly any customer support available when you need them. If getting in contact with the support team of an online game is proving to be difficult then that is a red flag. With Mega888 online, you get impeccable customer service that is available round the clock with email, phone or chat so you can always ask questions and get feedback immediately. They also have a section of Frequently Asked Questions where you can browse through some of the questions asked in the past by other gamers on display to get a feel 

Of how they respond to inquiries. 

Protective steps 

Mega888 has taken additional protective steps to ensure their players are protected at all times from problems that usually arise with online gambling. Their payment methods, banking details, and personal information are secure and safe using advanced encryption technology so that the game cannot be hacked. The games are also tested for randomness to be sure there are no patterns in the game that allow some players to have an advantage over others. 

Mega888 online slots also uses trusted and well known and trustworthy financial platforms for withdrawal of funds so you know your winnings are secure as well. 


These signs should be a sure-fire way of you knowing that the game Mega888 is dupe free. The fact that it can also be downloaded from Android and iOS stores also give it some credibility as well. They offer attractive welcome bonuses, a wide variety of games to choose from (over 170 games) and 130 slots games so you always have a great variety to choose from. Not many scams online casino games would go through the trouble of doing all that for its beloved customers so we can say that the game is safe and secure to play.  

So, what are you waiting for ? Download Mega888 here and try out yourself today ! 

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