Online Casino Games: Four Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Online casinos are becoming more ubiquitous around the world. With the easing of gambling regulations in the United States, you’ll probably see even more evidence of this in the next few years as the law becomes settled in different states. For the moment there is plenty in the way of top casinos right now.  

However, players – even experienced ones – sometimes make mistakes when they play online. Now, we are not saying there is any way to beat to the casino, nor cheat the casino. But there are certain things everyone should know that can help you have a better experience and – potentially – increase your chances of winning. Here’s four hacks you probably didn’t know about:  

Virtual Games Mimic Real Games in Payouts 

Expert roulette players understand that narrowing the house-edge is important. For that reason, they might choose French roulette with La partage rule over American roulette. Essentially, the former has a single zero pocket and will return half of any even money bets if the ball lands in the zero pocket. This type of European roulette is available at Canada, but American roulette is also available. The difference? American roulette has a zero pocket and double zero pocket, and it does not have La partage rule. That means you should choose French roulette – even in virtual games. The difference in return rates could be 3-4%.

Slots are Unpredictable  But Within Certain Parameters  

Online slot games run on random number generators (RNGs). That means you do not know what the next spin will bring; nor does the casino, the developer of the game or anyone else for that matter. The result is completely random, and casinos are even obliged to employ testers to audit that randomness. However, that doesn’t mean all slots are the same: Some are programmed to be low variance, paying out smaller amounts more frequently; other are high variance, more volatile and will pay out less frequently, but may pay bigger prizes when they do. Starburst is an example of a low variance slot, whereas Great Blue is an example of a high variance slot. Knowing the difference is important for your strategy.  

Online Casinos Can Give Your Free Perks  

By free perks, we don’t mean the bonuses and promos offered for signing up and retaining your custom. We mean real VIP stuff. Most online casinos will have a high roller programme, designed to keep the big-spending players interested. At times, this isn’t clearly defined, and it might be worth your while contacting the casino to make yourself known. Bagging yourself trips to events like UFC fight nights, music concerts or Las Vegas is not unheard of. Even if you are not a high roller, you should be checking social media to see what’s on offer. Remember that most casinos will have huge marketing budgets.  

Classic Games Usually Have Better Returns  

Video poker basically looks the same as it did 20 years ago, and blackjack hasn’t changed at all over the decades. Those games can’t match the gameplay of modern video slots, which usually feature most prominently at online casinos. However, the rate of return for games like blackjack and video poker is much higher than slots, albeit the latter will have bigger prizes. Put simply, if your strategy is to patiently turn a profit – choose blackjack or video poker. If you are reaching for the stars, pick a jackpot slot game.  


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