Bedlem, With Ex-Trivium Member, Release “Epidemic”


Chicago-based heavy metal band, Bedlem, founded by ex-Trivium touring drummer (2015-2016) Paul Wandtke, has released its first single, “Epidemic,” from the upcoming debut LP, Back to Bedlem.

Listen to the track and see if you agree, but it seems to be a very middle-of-the-road, radio-friendly rock track designed to appeal to a wide audience. Yes, there’s also a very Trivium-sounding element both in the clean first two-thirds of the song and in the Randy Blythe-style growls.

Bedlem is a bombastic display of groove via Joey Brassal’s catchy guitar style and Paul Wandtke’s monstrous drum kit abilities complemented by Brian Ahern’s bass lines. Their melodic hooks are stringed in with poetic lyric content via vocalist Mike Petrasek’s lyrical vision.

Rock Hard \m/

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