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Aussie actor David Field, known to international audiences for his roles in such classics as Chopper (2000), Two Hands (1999), and The Rover (2014), gives an outstanding performance in the edgy new thriller Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart Synopsis:

After the death of his pregnant wife, a religious man rejects his Faith and mockingly challenges God and the Devil as he struggles with the desire for revenge.

When did your love of acting begin?
When I was a kid. Chaplin, Mel Brooks, Paul Newman, Bette Davis. The Jungle Book. Everything about that screen in the cinema was alluring.

Did you train somewhere in Australia?
The Ensemble Studios with Hayes Gordon. He was a stunning technician to learn from, as was his offsider, Zika Nestor. We learned the same way Yo Yo Ma talks about music, one small component at a time as well as fencing, dance, acrobatics, voice, etc. None of these psychological power games either. The man was objective and wise.

You quickly established yourself as a familiar face in Australian films. Do you attribute a certain film to your success?
Well, after Ghosts of the Civil Dead, I did not see a film job for four years. I think that one scared them away. So I delved into theatre back to back, which I loved and still do. You ain’t no real actor till you can do it live I think. No backup, no trailer, no take 22. Just do it now!!! It’s a rush. Film took a little longer to establish.

Did you ever tackle Hollywood?

I imagine you’ve had a chance to be in some big overseas productions that have filmed down under though?
Not really.

How did Sacred Heart come about?
Kosta [Nikas] rang me and we met. The script was wonderful and he is very smart and passionate. He knew what he was after in terms of the underlying themes. Still, he was open to ideas. A great mix in a director.

Just how much of a departure is the role for you?
It is that. The ambiguity of the role was a beautiful challenge and how to gauge where to give hints of the other side of this guy.

And can you tell us what makes the character tick?
Empathy and cunning.

There’s some heavy scenes in this;. how did you wind down at the end of the day?
Ha Ha!! Got in my car and went home to my family. Music on loud. Singing out of tune and keeping my mind off the job as soon as possible.

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Can you talk about your director. He’s quite skilled!
No good. The guy knows nothin’!!! Of course I’m joking. Every now and then characters that are almost more interesting than any on screen come along. He is one of those. God I love the Greeks. There’s a craziness to him that I find attractive because it’s backed up with so much that he has already thought about. And he’s always collaborating which gives him a quality where he is always searching for the THING. Rather than caught up in preconceptions.

How do you think U.S. audiences will react to the film?
On the American bank note it says In God We Trust. Who knows. This business is fickle.

And before we go, if we might, your memories of working on the groundbreaking Chopper?
Wow. That’s a couple of footy seasons back….. Um… Great fun. Loved that character to play. Great cast. Great filmmaker. Great editor.

Sacred Heart is out now through Gravitas Ventures

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