First Posters And Stills From Richard Chandler’s Upcoming Horror/Wrestling Flick, Parts Unknown

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Richard Chandler makes unique, interesting films that break free from today’s glut of predictable, rehashed, and poorly executed movies. So, it’s great news to hear that he has a new one in the works, the horror/wrestling movie Parts Unknown. It’s even better that we have the early privilege to share with you new posters and stills.

Boston Film Family, LLC’s Parts Unknown is currently in post-production and is expected to premiere in the spring/summer of 2018.

Writer/producer/director Richard Chandler commented about his latest endeavor:

I’m very excited over how the movie is coming together. It’ll be my most polished movie yet.

The poster, created by Dennis Preston, features longtime Chandler collaborators Sarah Michelle and Alexandra Cipolla. Also prominently displayed in the poster is Lizzie Havoc. The other lead actors in the movie are retired pro-wrestler/actor William DeCoff and longtime Boston Film Family, LLC, alumni actor Alexander Hauck.

Legendary independent actress Melantha Blackthorne, who had a leading role in Chandler’s feature film Gilgamesh (2014), returns in a smaller role while former pro-wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts lends his vocal talents to the movie. Cameos are also provided by the indie tag team The Devil’s Doormen, as well as YouTube and podcast personality Brian Zane (of Wrestling with Wregret fame).

Parts Unknown is a movie that mixes the horror genre with wrestling. It is the story of how the infamous Von Strasser family, a family of unstable professional wrestlers, seek to violently reclaim their notorious status despite being blackballed by forces within the industry. Chandler promises his fans that Parts Unknown will contain and even extend his signature use of unusual characters, bizarre scenarios, and stylized violence.

Chandler also said:

It’s original. Whether people can get past a smaller budget or not, no one can deny that this hasn’t really been done. It exists in its own world. You can count on me for that.

Boston Film Family, LLC, is an award-winning Massachusetts-based independent film production company that specializes in the creation of visual horror and grindhouse stories. Its previous works include the featurette Witch Hunt (2016), the feature film Gilgamesh (2014), and the webseries Boston Massacre (2012-2013).

For more information on Boston Film Family, LLC, the company’s homepage can be accessed at Facebook or on the company’s website. The movie’s IMDb page can be found here.

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