Witch Hunt (2016) Movie Review



Directed by Richard Chandler Written by Richard Chandler
Starring Richard Chandler, Carver Riot, Graham King, Tony Ramos Wright

53 mins - Horror - Release date: 4 June 2016

If you’re at all familiar with writer, director, actor Richard Chandler (Gilgamesh), then you know that the man has a lot of dark ideas swimming around in his head. And his latest film, Witch Hunt, touches on so many of those dark topics, taboo or otherwise. From a homophobic cop who homosexual partakes in homosexual behavior to incestual relations to witchcraft to a sexy-but-dead-looking nun who looks like she’s into BDSM and executes extreme corporal punishment on her students to a priest who’s lost faith to much more.


So, if you’re looking for a bloody and dark satire on many of the hot topics of our messed up society, then you should definitely take in Chandler’s Witch Hunt.

Essentially we have a brother and sister team comprised of Dominic Demarus (Richard Chandler) and Agatha Demarus (Carver Riot). Together they hunt an evil that has besieged a small town whose sheriff is a gay homophobe and whose local priest is unsure about his faith. However, the Demarus’ are anything but righteous, as Dominic seems to kill for pleasure and enjoys the company of prostitutes just as much as Agatha enjoys the company of Mr. Brownstone. Beyond that, the pair just seem to carry a serious darkness within them as they go about hunting witches, pedophiles, etc.

Some might not be too disturbed by the ownership, raping, and killing of a witch or by the lustful relationship between brother and sister or by a self-loathing gay cop receiving fellatio from a male and then killing him, but the subtle scene in which the cop’s daughter comes into the garage to announce that dinner is ready as her dad is torturing a gay man, is pretty shocking. The message being, for me at least, is that our children are the product of what we teach them. It goes along the lines of such conventions as “we’re not born racist, we’re taught racism.”


And then when the Demarus siblings catch the aforementioned pedophile, who does his luring in the stereotypical van, and it can’t be helped but to rejoice in the vengeance. So, even if the duo has their issues, they do vindicate themselves by doing some good, right?

The Verdict:

Witch Hunt is for you if you like a bit of schizophrenic story telling, some gore, and over-the-top satire. It’s a dark and twisted short that leaves a bleak impression of humanity’s future. Go Trump!

Rock Hard \m/

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