21 Roth-Era Van Halen Songs Not On A “Best-Of” Compilation — That Should Be!

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Diver Down – 1982

van halen Diver Down cover

In stark opposition to fan opinion of Fair Warning, Diver Down is often panned as one of Van Halen’s worst albums. I have always enjoyed it, but that might be owed to the fact that I was pretty young when I first got it. The album is rife with covers and fillers, so it’s not without reason that it’s not a favorite. However, there are a few honest Van Halen tracks that deserve a spot over the covers of “(Oh) Pretty Woman” and “Dancing in the Streets.”

“Hang ‘em High”

“Hang ‘em High” is another full-throttle beast of a song. What’s that? No cheesy lyrics that Roth is so often accused for. See, if you don’t dig into the back catalog, you’re only going to get the cheese, because cheese is what feeds the masses.

“Little Guitars”

If you don’t like beautiful music, then “Little Guitars” isn’t for you. The acoustic work here is outstanding, the drum intro to the main track is so damn catchy, and the main riff Eddie plays is so pleasing to the ear, and considering how easy he makes the technique sound is just baffling. It’s a dreamy kind of optimistic love song that any stalker should add to their playlist.

“The Full Bug”

“All I want to give you woman is the best part of a man!” That lyric right there is enough said. Sounding like a leftover from the Women and Children First sessions, this track opens with a bluesy acoustic guitar intro (played by Roth) before jumping into riff-tastic rock and roll. Dave also plays the harmonica.

The commercial star has more legs…

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