Incontrol (2017) Movie Review



Directed by Kurtis David Harder Written by Kurtis David Harder
Starring Anja Savcic, Brittany Allen, Chris Ball, Caroline Buzanko

82 mins - Sci-Fi | Drama | Thriller - Release date: 2017

Incontrol is a sci-fi thriller that toys with the idea of astral projection while also discussing our vulnerability and exposure in the face of social media. As much as most of us put our “best foot” forward to provide an ideal snapshot of our lives on social media, we also do the same as we go through our daily lives at work, with family and friends, in restaurants, etc. Rarely do we ever reveal our “true” selves (except when we’re behind the wheel) to anyone but ourselves, if we even do that.

With that concept in mind, Incontrol writer/director Kurtis David Harder asks, “What would you do if no one was watching?” That’s a tough question for anyone because we spend so much of our time being our socially acceptable selves that we may not even know who our real selves are. But Harder asks the question and gives his cast a way to explore their answers.

The method is a black box with electrodes that attach to the user’s temples. How it works isn’t explained in the movie, but, going on faith, it allows the users to jump undetected into the consciousness of others. All the users have to do is focus on someone nearby and they’re in. While visiting they are able to exert control of the host with little to no resistance.

While the experience starts out as a tool to observe human behavior for sociology student Samantha (Anja Savcic), it quickly becomes an addictive obsession. And almost as quickly, things go sideways for Sam and her compadres. Lest spoilers be provided, let’s leave things at that.

The Verdict:

Incontrol is slow-paced thriller that only begins to explore the darker side of what human behavior might be if no one were watching. Overall there’s an excellent story here and the movie is very watchable. In fact, it may stick in your head for a few days. Although parts of the story could have been fleshed out a little more, such as Sam’s relationship with her mother, but we are given what we need to know. Despite its pace, the movie grabs you by the curlies and keeps your attention throughout.

Rock Hard \m/

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