Exclusive Interview: Tracey Birdsall Talks The Time War


Do you get to fight Hitler?
Fighting Hitler is what I do best! Dianne will basically stop at nothing to take him down, and the lengths she goes to are shocking to say the least.


Tell us about some of the other physical requirements of the movie?
The Time War is a constant battle of the minds, of physicality (fighting, sword-fighting, tank battles, submarine battles) — and the battles can be oftentimes grueling as there are so many versions of my character brought through time — which means I have to do it all over as the many different versions in order that they are fighting together — or sometimes apart.

How do you prepare for those more strenuous scenes?
It’s more about being mentally prepared and physically conditioned. If you’re mentally prepared, and you’re in character and believing what is happening is real, then you never question whether you can do it — because living that situation gives you no other option. Your preparation is always being over-prepared mentally, to the point where you can’t wait for the word “action” — the excitement level is immense in action scenes. The best way I can describe it is at the horse races when they get their cue that the race has begun — no horse is over-thinking it… everyone is ready.

Where do you hope to take these two characters from Rogue Warrior and The Time War?
I can’t even imagine where these roles will lead. I try not to. I can’t imagine what I could do next that would be more physically, emotionally, or technologically difficult. I’m always looking for a greater challenge, and I’m not sure that project yet exists. That said, we are developing the television series that follows Rogue Warrior in the future, which again, will have to be bigger than the last. Between the two films, I don’t think any director or casting director will ever second-guess casting me if they have a role I would fit… so we will see what time brings — I’m not done shooting The Time War quite yet!

Finally, what’s the best thing about making movies?
Living the lives of others and allowing their very essence to take you over, and leave it’s mark upon you — that’s truly my favorite part. It’s like immersion therapy, separating from yourself — like an out-of-body experience. I love disconnecting, reconnecting, discovering… a lot of it is about discovery and curiosity, just as life is. You see, you create a character, their thoughts, their movements, their perspective, their dreams, and you let that character be curious and individual and it just comes to life. You don’t plan it, you create it and let it live.

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