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Sci-fi hottie, Tracey Birdsall, is back where she belongs – in the hot-seat of a uniquely crafted sci-fi action pic! The Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter star talks to us about her latest film, The Time War, which she’s currently shooting in LA.

What a great time for butt-kicking female action heroes, right?
It is pretty fantastic!

Did you see Wonder Woman? How did you like it?
I loved it! It’s very different from what I expected, but I loved it nonetheless!

What do you think of James Cameron’s comments about it?
Not much, really. Seeing as I relate more to Linda Hamilton in his franchise is one thing, but that’s just me. I am a huge sci-fi nerd, loving everything from big comic book icons to real women saving the world. Sienna, my character in Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, was much more real like Linda Hamilton in The Terminator… even though at the end of the day she wasn’t really as human as we were led to believe — she believed she was human. I do think that James Cameron could have been a little more delicate on his personal choices of words, however, as we all deal with far too much criticism, as women. It’s very hard to please everyone all of the time, so we just have to make the best damn movie we can.

Speaking of your role in Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter is reminiscent of Linda Hamilton’s in The Terminator movies. You must be happy to see Hamilton returning to the franchise?
Overjoyed! She was a real inspiration to me growing up. I see our roles as very different, albeit there are some outward similarities. Internally, which is the real core of a character, they were worlds apart.

Did that movie series have a direct influence on Rogue Warrior, or more so, The Time War?
Since I didn’t write them, I would have to say no; however, it did influence me in the choices that I made in bringing her to life. That said, I believe I’ve been influenced by many female action heroes — and I hope I inspired future action heroines. Since I believe in making characters “real,” however, that is probably one of the best examples I can think of.

It’s not only action heroes that have to be real to me, however, in my roles. I like to live the life of the character in the present tense, so whatever I use in any role is only to get myself believing that I am the character — not myself playing a part. After that, it’s like magic.


What can you tell us about The Time War? You’re filming now, right?
Adolf Hitler traveling through time re-writing history and his own genetics in order to take over the world… Enter his daughter, Dijanne (my character), the love of his life, his pride and joy, and later … his nemesis and arch enemy. But is she? Various versions of his daughter throughout time have their storylines, their perspectives and experiences. It’s a story of a multitude of timelines, of time-travel, of power, ego, and religion — and of the darkness of souls before seeing the light — but do they?

The Time War is the most complicated, dark, twisted time-travel film soon to be in existence.

How did you and Neil Johnson come up with the story for this one?
This story was a long time coming… Neil Johnson has been working on this script for over 15 years. However, it morphed over the last few years during filming. It became a behemoth of epic moments and storylines — each more disturbing and grand than the last.

I was lucky enough to be a part of this project as it got off the ground. That said, creating the various versions and characters has at many times disturbed my soul to the core. As I’ve now lived their lives, they’ve left their residual markings in my heart and in my mind. You can never “un-live” this stuff.

And are you wearing the same type of cool, scant dressage you wore in the previous film? Tell us about your look!
Haha! No, it’s a completely different storyline. Some of the more warrior-like moments had some cool costuming, which was “cooler” than others due to the timeline they had come from and what they were going through. A few of the versions are more “buttoned-up” in World War II General attire and the like. One of my favorites is a rather gruff version who has lost an eye (you see why in the story) and wears braids all over her head — it’s different! Everything in the film as far as costuming has a purpose (just like in Rogue Warrior), and the age of the character (again, time travel)…

Great villain. Is this the Hitler we know from the history books or somewhat of a tweaked version?
He’s based upon a politically correct version, and much of his “inspiration,” so to speak, comes from things he was interested in and his real relationships. From there, it goes all over the place, as this isn’t factual even though there are many factual basis within the storyline.

Find out if Tracey Birdsall gets to fight Hitler in her new flick… after the jump!

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