Did Paulie Malignaggi Team Up With Mayweather To Spy On McGregor? [VIDEO]

Did Floyd Mayweather and Paulie Malignaggi team up to spy on Conor McGregor? Well, folks, it appears like Mayweather had to hire a weasel like Malignaggi to get the goods on McGregor’s skills.

In a FightHype video released days before the highly-anticipated Mayweather vs. McGregor 12-round boxing event in Las Vegas, both men confront McGregor and claim the inevitable. Malignaggi and Mayweather said the Irish sensation and his team are “suckers.”

My friend, it’s my friend, Paulie. My friend Paulie has always been my friend. You know what, I even told my friend – my friend called me and said, ‘Floyd, do you want me to go to camp?’ I said, ‘Abso-f**king-lutely’.

Suckers, Suckers.

This could be a potentially scheme to get under McGregor’s, who appeared extremely loose during the final press conference and stare down. Mayweather is also a master at promotion, so adding more fuel to the fire is a perfect way to hype the fight even more.

Mayweather vs. McGregor takes place on August 26th. It will be broadcasted nearly ever where throughout the world.

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