Brandon Cronenberg Tapped To Helm Hallucinogenic Sci-Fi Thriller, DRAGON

Brandon Cronenberg (Antiviral), the son of acclaimed director David Cronenberg (The Fly, Scanners) will be directing his second feature film in the very near future. A hallucinogenic sci-fi thriller which will take us deep through the stars of a psychotic universe.

According to multiple online reports, including Variety, Brandon is currently working with Dan Abnett to pen the screenplay of Dragon, which follows a crew of a spaceship on the hunt for creatures known as “dragons.” They then sell their organic matter to people who turn it into drugs.

Dragon’ connects to a certain kind of hallucinogenic sci-fi tradition, like an adaptation of an imagined Philip K. Dick novel. I’m thrilled to be working with Dan Abnett on this, exploring the pleasures of space horror in a satirical and at times psychotic universe.

Luc Roeg from Independent and Martin Katz from Prospero Pictures are producing Dragon with the intention of possibly tapping into VR options for the film. Shooting is expected to begin by mid-2018.

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