Sigil Sing Of Radicalized Religions On “Even The Gods Will Burn”


How long has music been taking aim at politics, social injustices, corrupt governments, war, organized religion… ? At least since Dope’s cover of Ministry’s “Thieves,” or the ‘60s, or…

And now, Austin, Texas’ death metal unit is taking on radicalized religion (i.e., terrorists) with their new track, “Even the Gods Will Burn.” This is definitely for fans who like heavy, crunchy riffs, and throat-shredding vocals.

Vocalist/guitarist Alex Citrone commented on the track:

This is definitely the thrashiest, fastest track on the record and stands apart from the other songs for that reason. Thematically it’s about the destructive nature of radicalized religion, regardless of what that religion is.

“Even the Gods Will Burn” appears on Sigil’s upcoming debut album, Kingdom of the Grave, which will be released on April 7, 2017, via Horror Pain Gor Death Productions.


Citrone also commented on the album:

Kingdom of the Grave is pure, raw death metal with an explosive energy to it. It has themes of the occult, suicide, police brutality, and a dystopian future. Fans of the old and new school will find something to love.

In addition to checking out “Even the Gods Will Burn,” listen to the album’s title track, “Kingdom Of The Grave,” below:

Pre-order the CD for only $10 with free shipping from HPGDP here. Pre-order the digital download for only $6.66 here.

In additional news, Sigil will be hosting their local CD launch in Austin, Texas, on April 7th, at The Lost Well with support from Califorina’s Apothesary and Dallas bands Blood Royale and Maldevera. Full details can be found here.

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