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Following the news we told you about Ominous Eclipse, here’s another heavy metal band from Ottawa. How boring can this town be? This time around it’s Accursed Spawn, and you need to check out their new lyric video for “Bhopal ‘84.” As Accursed Spawn told Decibel magazine, where the track premiered:

’Bhopal’ is a high-energy track that comes bursting out the gate right. Lyrically this song deals with what is considered to be the greatest industrial disaster in human history. In December 1984, the UCIL factory of Bhopal, India, failed to properly dispose of tens of thousands of Deadly Methyl Isocyanate, leading to the injury and subsequent death of thousands of innocent civilians. Subsequent corporate attempts to cover up the incident proved unsuccessful.

Founded in Ottawa in 2010, with a singular purpose to transform raw aggression into music, Accursed Spawn mixes influences from old and new forms of extreme metal, resulting to date in a renowned energetic live show, and a handful of recorded songs.

Announcing their signing to PRC Music, Accursed Spawn will be unleashing their debut full length, The Virulent Host, next year in 2019. With a unique sound and style that stands apart from the crowd, the full-length is the next step in the band’s evolution of musical expression that follows a mix of demos and EPs since 2010.


Chris Donaldson, guitarist for legendary death metal unit Cryptopsy, applied his talents and experience to mix and master The Virulent Host at The Grid Studios in Montreal, Quebec. Donaldson has previously worked on records for high-profile names such as Cryptopsy, Beyond Creation, Despised Icon, The Agonist, Beneath The Massacre, and Neuraxis. Artwork was done by highly esteemed artist Remy Cooper (Origin, Beyond Creation, Psycroptic, Pig Destroyer, Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Cryptopsy, Suicide Silence, Arch Enemy).

The Virulent Host Track List:

1. Bhopal 84 (3:53)
2. Bloodforged (2:48)
3. Interrogated Bludgeonment (6:08)
4. The Virulent Host (4:56)
5. Cesium 137 (6:10)
6. The Ageless Curse (3:32)
7. Shotgun Facelift (4:22)
8. Mass Glossectomy (3:50)
9. Dogmatic Affliction (5:44)

Rock Hard \m/

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