Sloth Herder Stream “Spectre Of The Absurd” From No Pity, No Sunrise

sloth herder no pity no sunrise album cover

As Sloth Herder awaits the March 24th release of their debut album, No Pity, No Sunrise, a decimating new track, “Spectre of the Absurd,” from the unhinged record has been loaded into the daily grind through

Alongside the gory display of the new track, Decibel issues:

You can throw most extreme two-word combinations together and likely describe brief Sloth Herder passages: Gutter grind. Bummer sludge. Dissonant death. Jagged noise. Power-slob. Blackened whatever. But No Pity, No Sunrise is still a cohesive roar of discontent.

Sloth Herder’s No Pity, No Sunrise presents a monstrous, 14-track attack in just over 35 minutes delivered by vocalist Josh Lyon, bassist Luke Ibach, drummer Sean Wilhide, and guitarist Nick Craggs, and additional sounds by Ryan Neal. An unhinged surge of extreme metal that will appeal to a wide range of acts, from Antigama to Pyrrhon, Yautja to Gaza. No Pity, No Sunrise was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Noel Mueller in the fall of 2016.

Pre-orders for No Pity, No Sunrise are available here

sloth herder no pity no sunrise album cover

Sloth Herder has booked an ask-a-punk-style house show for the official release show for their new slab of putridity, taking place in Baltimore on March 25th. The band will unveil additional new live plans in the coming days, along with more previews of No Pity, No Sunrise.

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