Valhalore Set Sail “Across The Frozen Ocean”

Finding a good folk/viking heavy metal band is no easy task, so when Australia’s own Valhalore came to our attention, we knew we had to share them with you, Yellers! The band will be releasing their debut album, Voyage Into Eternity, on March 14th. So, for now you’ll have to settle for the inspiring track and video for “Across the Frozen Ocean.”

About Valhalore and Voyage Into Eternity:

Over the past four years, despite multiple setbacks and member changes, the band has been relentless in their goal of creating this album. Tracks like “Across the Frozen Ocean,” “Upon the Shores,” and the title track, “Voyage Into Eternity,” present a fantastic display of dynamics, emotion, brutality and wonder, perfectly embodying the vision and determination of the band.

Says frontman Lachlan Neate:

Lyrically, we use the Viking imagery as a metaphor for the warrior within all of us. This album is all about finding the strength to battle through daily adversity, and work to achieve your dreams. It aims to encourage and inspire people to question what they want in this life — to appreciate the small things whilst chasing big dreams.

The album was composed, produced, and mixed by lead guitarist Anthony Willis, with ex-member Michael Eastwood also having an important role in the early stages of the album.

Willis commented:

I have been involved with various music scenes, done two international tours with previous bands, and had a long YouTube career spanning over 10 years, yet nothing has challenged me as creatively or mentally as creating, recording, and mixing Voyage Into Eternity. It truly is a masterpiece -– a credit to the rest of the fantastic musicians I get to work with. The past four years have been so rewarding. I have never been prouder to release an album before. I just know it will make a huge impact on the folk and Viking metal scene as we know it.

valhalore voyage into eternity album cover

Rock Hard \m/

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