AntropomorphiA New Album Details And Title Track Release

AntropomorphiA have revealed the details for their new album, Sermon ov Wrath, and they have launched the title track, which you can hear right on this page. The album will be released on February 24th.

AntropomorphiA singer/guitarist Ferry Damen commented:

This is by far our most diverse and strongest incantation to date. Sermon ov Wrath has a veil ov our poisonous roots breathing throughout the whole album while never compromising or abiding to any limitation. We’ve entered a new realm and have become a different type ov beast. Beyond the veil ov wicked Dead!

Featuring cover art by 13 Candles Tattoo/Madeleine Hoogkamer, Sermon ov Wrath was recorded at drummer Marco Stubbe’s Aftermath Studio, and then mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio, giving the album a savage, crushing sound. As their most diverse record to date, Sermon ov Wrath contains a bewitching atmosphere, furiously groovy riffs, and merciless brutality – proving that the band is not afraid to experiment within the genre.

AntropomorphiA sermon ov wrath

Rock Hard \m/

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