Striker Winning With “Born To Lose”

Striker, the Canadian thrashers hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, will release their fifth studio album on February 24th. As part of the lead up to that date, the band has released the hilarious lyric video for “Born to Lose.” Personally, I think the video is better than a lot official videos that get released and could have dropped the lyrics from the video as well as the term from title. Have a watch and see for yourself… and if you don’t want to have a similar drinking game at your next party, then well, you can’t be inspired.

Pre-orders of Striker’s self-titled album can be made here.

The band comments on “Born to Lose”:

‘Born To Lose,’ like most of our songs, is about doing what you want in life. When you are born into this world, there is a lot of your life that is predetermined. If you choose to change part of your life you need to go out and live it, not just fantasize about it. We’ve always wanted to hear music like ours, so we started a band and created it. ‘Born to Lose’ embraces everything we love about music: speed, nonstop shred, huge vocals, guitars, and drums, and over-the-top energy and emotion. If it doesn’t make you want to throw down and party then nothing will.

striker striker album cover

Rock Hard \m/

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