Domain (2016) Movie Review



Directed by Nathaniel Atcheson Written by Nathaniel Atcheson
Starring Britt Lower, Ryan Merriman, Sonja Sohn, Beth Grant, William Gregory Lee, Kevin Sizemore, Nick Gomez, Cedric Sanders

97 mins - Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller - Release date: 4 December 2016

Domain made its world premiere at the Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival December 4th. Although Yell! Magazine wasn’t there to take in the atmosphere, I did get a screener for review, and I’m sure the attending audience sat in stunned silence and gasped when revelations were made — that’s the type of movie this is.

From the early 1980s motif to the script, Nathaniel Atcheson’s (writer/director) Domain is absolutely brilliant in its storytelling, simplicity, and ability to engage the imagination. In an age in which we live more and more hours in front of our screens, engaging in social media with little to no consequence, Domain (see what they did there with the title?) plays out like the social experiment that it is, only this one is under the guise of deadly viral threat.

Survivors of the viral threat are winners of a lottery and now live in solitary bunkers 30 feet below ground. Survivors are placed in groups of seven and only have contact with one another via their video/computer console. With no physical contact, controlled sleep cycles, a diet consisting of rationed powdered drinks, and little to nothing else to do but participate in video chat, it’s a wonder that our seven characters have lasted as many years as they have.

As the film progresses we get to know the individual characters in small increments, and as their situation worsens, their true colors are revealed. I don’t want to give away the movie, because it does have a fantastic twist, but keep in mind that no one is who they seem to be.


The Verdict:

Since seeing the first clip I wanted to like Domain, and I did! Domain is completely captivating and tension just builds and builds. I can see where influence from Unfriended might have come into play, but given society’s current obsession with social media, films like this are going to happen. Unlike Unfriended, Domain is firmly planted in the sci-fi genre and really shows what can be done with a solid script, an amazing cast, a good director, and a small budget.


Rock Hard \m/

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