Jake Shields Stockton Slaps Opponent At Polaris Grappling Match [VIDEO]

Jake Shields

Jake Shields may not be a real Diaz brother, but the former UFC and current WSOF MMA fighter sure acts like one. Following a grappling match with A.J. Agazarm, a former Ohio State wrestler, at Saturday night’s Polaris event in Wales, Shields wasn’t a happy camper. Apparently, Agazarm was eye gouging Shields during the bout, which ultimately ended in a draw.

Shields said,

This guy was talking crap the whole time, gouging my eyes, I just had my eye gouged for the first time in my life my last fight and now you got this prick doing the same thing. He was bragging yesterday, ‘I’m gonna try and make it a draw, I’m gonna try to make it a draw. I know I can’t beat you, but if I can make it a draw I’m gonna consider that a win.’ Well, congratulations A.J. You’re a bitch. How does it feel to be a pussy and get your draw?

After the post-fight interview, Agazarm reached out to shake Shields’ hand and Shields refused. Agazarm then pushed Shields away and Shields responded with a Stockton slap.

The video clips of the confrontation can now be watched right below.

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