Nervosa Reveal Album Art & Track Listing For Agony



Nervosa, the all-female thrash metal trio from Brazil, has revealed the cover art (above), track listing (below), and release date of their sophomore studio effort, Agony. The album was mixed by Andy Classen and will be released on June 3rd, via Napalm Records.

Album pre-orders will be available soon.

I’ll admit that I never heard the band before, but thanks to the powers of Internet I was able to check out a few things, and get lost for an hour or so in the process. I’ll also admit that I didn’t know what to expect from an all-female thrash band from Brazil. It could have gone either way, horribly bad or amazingly well. But these ladies do their “bloody roots” well and deliver a true, raw, gritty, honest, and tight thrash sound.

Check out the videos I’ve included for you to check out:

Agony Track Listing:

1. Arrogance
2. Theory Of Conspiracy
3. Deception
4. Intolerance Means War
5. Guerra Santa
6. Failed System
7. Hostages
8. Surrounded By Serpents
9. CyberWar
10. Hypocrisy
11. Devastation
12. Wayfarer (Bonus Track)

Rock Hard \m/

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