Little Dead Rotting Hood (2016) Movie Review



Directed by Jared Cohn Written by Gabriel Campisi
Starring Eric Balfour, Bianca A. Santos, Romeo Miller, Marina Sirtis

88 mins - Horror - Release date: 5 January 2016

What happens when young adults have a party in the woods and a couple wanders off for some extracurricular fun that involves nudity? Well, the sinful couple gets attacked by a wolf, of course… or was it a werewolf?

That’s not the first or last horror movie trope visited in Jared Cohn’s Little Dead Rotting Hood, written by Gabriel Campisi. The movie is full of them, but it’s still a fun ride that takes the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale and puts it on its head by adding in a werewolf element.

little dead rotting hood box art

Plus Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: The Next Generation) was in it for a brief minute, so that’s cool… even if she played a grandmother! It was a little odd that she would condemn her granddaughter to a seemingly cursed life (OK, being a zombie wolf mother is kind of a shitty existence), but I guess that’s what needed to be done to help mankind survive the coming werewolf apocalypse, so to speak.

Sirtis wasn’t the only “bigger” star to appear in the movie; Eric Balfour (Skyline, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) was also in it, and with a more substantial role as Sheriff Adam. And he played his part, but I think he could have brought a lot more to the movie. As it stands, it looks like he needed the paycheck.

little dead rotting hood sheriff adam eric balfour

So, what’s this Little Dead Rotting Hood about?
For years, the old woman in the woods has secretly kept the wolves of the forest at bay. But when the woman dies, the creatures suddenly attack the residents of a nearby small town. As more and more people turn up dead, the townsfolk discover something far more sinister than wolves lurking in the backwoods and fight to save their home from evil by waging a bloody battle against the ruthless creatures. But as the wolves begin to overpower the town, only the woman’s granddaughter may have the key to stopping the bloodbath before it’s too late.

So, things were moving along alright at a B-movie pace and with B-movie enjoyment until the big beast wolf thing made her appearance. The CG on this could only say that the filmmakers were looking for a showing on the Syfy network. And the fight scenes with the beast were so unrealistic that they were laughable.

little dead rotting hood beast

One thing that was done right, and that was the sex and nudity. Pay attention directors, this is how you do it in a low-budget horror movie. For a moment there, I thought I was back in the ’80s again.

The Verdict:

If you don’t enjoy low-budget B-movies with horrible effects, then you should probably skip this one. I wish things could be different as there was potential with this story.

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