The ReAktion – Selkam (2015) Album Review



Artist The ReAktion Album Selkam Release Date: 21 October 2015
Label Mania Recordings Genre Alternative Rock/Electronica

The ReAktion is a band that was born in 2010, in the heart Chile. Their first full length album Selkam is being distributed on October 21st, via Mainia recordings. They are managed by Sid Wilson of Slipknot and take metalcore and blend it with a creepy electronic rock aesthetic. Now that the introduction is over, let’s dive into the album.

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After the first instrumental track full of ominous dronings, I expected the album to punch in with a different kind of ferocity, instead we are introduced to a bright vocal melody on “10 Steps to Success.” It actually threw me off completely, in both good and bad taste. Bad because I wanted the destructive bombastic presence found later in the album, but good because it kept me from seeing The ReAktion in a predictable light.

To be honest, this record will give you just that: an unpredictable group of tracks that you either love or hate. For those more adept at enjoying heavier music, there is a song like “No Kryptonite To Hold Us Back” that sounds like a beautiful Corey Taylor-esque ballad. “I Am Somebody” has this same vibe but a bit more raw clash between the instruments to offer a bit more heaviness, if not for the cheesy symphonic EDM breakdown that would be found in an Enter Shikari track.

In reality, if you are a fan of extremely heavy alt-rock, not too many songs appeal to you here. After the opening minute of “10 Steps To Success” the track offers about the most sonically discordant track on here. At times there are tip toes into a less streamlined sound, but they are found rather in the djent styled choppy guitar riffs and more aggressive vocals. “Synchro” obviously has a very minor key composition, but it just is missing a bit more edge. It’s not until closer “Enter the Fourth Dimension” where we are exposed to constant beatdowns and spitfire vocals.

The Verdict:

Selkam was a different album to sit back and listen to. There was nothing too extreme but everything was a bit more mainstream rock here. The ReAktion come off as a band that have a general sense of direction but no distinct sound they want to chip away at. I enjoyed the more sonically explosive parts, but at times they were led astray by vicious synth leads and rather anticlimactic choruses.

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