Nick Diaz’s Online Petition Reaches Over 100k Signatures, Lawyer Responds

Nick Diaz

On Wednesday, an online petition which was filled in September to get the NAC’s ruling overturned for Nick Diaz’s five year suspension from MMA exceeded 100,000 signatures. However, nobody knows yet if the White House will even respond to the petition, but Diaz’s lawyer Lucas Middlebrook believes it at least further highlights the “injustice of the entire proceeding” that took place last month.

Middlebrook said,

Amazing, the White House response is anybody’s guess. The 100,000 does, however, prove that our defense prevailed in the court of public opinion, further highlighting the injustice of the entire proceeding.

At the moment, the White House is currently reviewing the petition and will most likely respond in the upcoming days, or worst completely dismiss it. Besides being suspended, Diaz was also fined $165,000 at his disciplinary hearing for testing positive for marijuana in relation to his UFC 183 fight with Anderson Silva on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas.

As soon as we get another update, we’ll make sure to keep Yellers in the loop on Yell! Magazine, so stay tuned.

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