Heavy Montreal 2015: Exes For Eyes Interview [VIDEO]

We had the chance to catch up with Montreal-/Toronto-based band Exes for Eyes at Heavy Montreal 2015, and as you’ll see in the video interview, they’re as friendly as your next door neighbor (obviously, this depends on who your neighbor is). The band was a late addition to the festival, and they eagerly welcomed the chance to perform and promote their new album Tongues Like Figure Eights. If you’re from Montreal, you probably recognize frontman Big James, who’s previous work includes a stint with Endast. However, Exes for Eyes is much more melodic than the straight-ahead full-throttle approach of Endast. In fact, it nears the Gothenburg style of melodic death metal — and that might be part of the reason Bjorn Strid from Soilwork offered his vocals on one of the album’s tracks. Don’t worry, it’s all explained in the video interview.

Other topics of discussion include an encounter with Mike Patton of Faith No More, and his reaction to hearing what FNM song Exes covers. Maybe there’s a bit of hockey rivalry going on within Exes as well, because Toronto fans are always butt-hurt about the Habs being better.

Order Tongues Like Figure Eights here.

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