Festival Darling, Blood Punch, Is Set To Shock This September + First Trailer

The first trailer for Blood Punch has arrived, and it looks absolutely amazing! On first impression it looks inspired, but totally original, which is what we want in the horror genre these days, right?

Blood Punch star Milo Cawthorne first came to our attention just a few weeks ago when we saw him star in Deathgasm at Fantasia 2015. We were completely impressed by him as the heavy metal outcast with a heart of gold, and it looks like we’ll be equally impressed with him in Blood Punch as he tackles what looks to be a split personality role.

Blood Punch Synopsis:

Milton (Cawthorne, Deathgasm), a brilliant chemistry student breaks out of court-mandated drug rehab with a mysterious bad girl, Skyler (Olivia Tennet, When We Go to War). Looking to recruit a cook for a one-day drug score, she lures him to an isolated cabin with her psychotic and trigger-happy boyfriend Russell (Ari Boyland, Shortland Street). Russell reveals that he plans to murder Milton as soon as he is finished cooking the drugs, and their simple love triangle quickly descends into a mind-blowing supernatural cycle of carnage and mayhem with no end — and no escape.

If you ask me, that description doesn’t do this trailer justice… much less sound like anything we got to see in the trailer. This might indicate that there’s a lot more going on in this film than meets the eye.

Blood Punch has been an audience and critical favorite since its premiere at the Austin Film Festival, where it won the Dark Matters Audience Award. Madellaine Paxson was honored with Best Director and Best Feature at the Hoboken Film Festival, while the film has taken home seven additional Audience and Best Feature awards. Now, after that big sell, if you’re itching to dig your horror claws into it, you’ll be pleased to know that the movie hits DVD, Digital HD, and cable VOD starting September 1st.

Rock Hard \m/

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