Defect Designer Premieres “The Terrible”

defect designer - ageing accelerator - album cover

defect designer - ageing accelerator - album cover

Norwegian progressive death metal band, Defect Designer, has premiered their newest track, “The Terrible,” over at No Clean Singing. I can’t really improve on what the team over there has said about the song, as their description is spot on. The thrashing is amazing, the inventive solos are killer, and the melody teeters on insane from time to time. Go listen! It’s awesome.

“The Terrible” can be found on the band’s forthcoming second full length, Ageing Accelerator, which is due out on July 13th, via Sleaszy Rider Records. The album is available for pre-order here.

Ageing Accelerator features a brutal recording line up that includes drummer Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), guitarist Stelios Mavromitis (SepticFlesh live guitarist), Martin Storm-Olsen (ex-Trollfest) on guitars and clean vocals, Christos Antoniou (SepticFlesh) for sampling and orchestration, and Dmitry Sukhinin on vocals, bass, and guitars.

Sukhinin commented:

After the first lineup dissolved I was so desperate that I wrote to few people and got the recording lineup. SepticFlesh’s Seth proposed his brother Christos to help with orchestration, Christos proposed SepticFlesh’s live guitar player Stelios to do guitars, Flo from Cryptopsy did the drums, ’cause actually he was my main drum inspiration. I did bass, and during the recording I met Martin who was in Trollfest before, he did clean vocals and some solos along with my solos. Then the real lineup started to build up and we have Anders from Blood Red Throne. As for me, I also play in Oslo jazz death metal Diskord.

Ageing Accelerator Track Listing:

1. Corpsewatcher (3:30)
2. Yellow Grimace (2:10)
3. The Terrible (5:24)
4. I Remember You Dead (5:55)
5. Flies On Your Lips (3:32)
6. Crusaders (2:36)
7. Berenice (4:25)
8. Communist Architectonics (2:51)
9. Temple Of Artemis (4:12)
10. StarDust (2:50)

Rock Hard \m/

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