UFC 190: Ronda Rousey Fires Back At Bethe Correia’s Suicide Remark

UFC 190: Ronda Rousey

Brazil’s Bethe Correia said some controversial things about Ronda Rousey in a recent interview, which touched on a very personal matter in the champion’s life. As many of you may not already know, Rousey’s father commited suicide when she was a young girl, so Correia’s suicide remark to Rousey may be the dirtiest remark ever in the history of the UFC.

Ronda talks about being a superwoman, a hero, but is a woman like me. Actually, I’m way stronger, I come from an underdeveloped country, where people fight to survive. It’s a lot different form the reality of her life. Under pressure, she’s showing she’s weak. When mommy put some pressure, she ran away from home. When she lost, she did drugs. That’s not a superhero. I want to see her reaction when I put some pressure against her. I want her to feel pressure and realize that I’m ready to fight her. She doesn’t have a good head, she needs to get help. There are a lot of people around her, she’s winning, but when she realizes that’s not everything, I don’t know what might happen. I hope she doesn’t commit suicide [laughs].

Rousey, very unpleased by the controversial remark by Correia fired back on Twitter, which is very rare for Rousey to do.

Both fighters will meet inside the Octagon at the UFC 190 main event for the UFC women’s bantamweight title on August 1, 2015, in Rio de Janeiro.

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