[PICS] Godzilla-Themed Hotel Opens In Tokyo Later This Month, Early Look Here


Godzilla fans get ready to shit yourselves over the greatest hotel ever made on the planet! Feast your eyes on the very first Godzilla-themed hotel located in the heart of Tokyo. If you want us to be more specific, The Hotel Gracery sits in Shinjuku, and the terrace adjacent to the hotel features a gigantic head of Toho’s king of monsters, Godzilla.

The head stands 39-feet high and weighs approximately 80 tons; it can be seen from the Shinjuku-Yasukuni Street below and from the Godzilla rooms available at the hotel. If you’re looking to vacation in Tokyo in the coming months and you’re a huge fan of monster movies, then you may want to look into The Hotel Gracery, which opens for business later this month. It’s packed with Godzilla-themed rooms and more!

You can visit the official website for inquiries.

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