Rainbow Six: Siege Leaked Gameplay Footage [VIDEO]

After a closed alpha gameplay session at Ubisoft’s studio in Montreal for the upcoming first-person shooter video game, Rainbow Six: Siege, over 10 minutes of leaked footage made its way online. Some of the footage reveals a map which centers around a hostage crisis at a UK airport.

We have invited some media and influencers to try the game at our studio. We are glad to say that they really enjoyed the experience and that soon you will be able to read their impressions. Stay tuned, said Ubisoft.

Players start on a multi-floored aircraft and then fight their way through a bunch of enemies until they reach the airport’s terminal. The footage is very similar to the multiplayer hostage rescue gameplay demo shown during the game’s first reveal at E3 2014. However, the footage now reveals that players can set up barriers to block doorways and create cover against enemies.

For those who plan on pre-ordering Rainbow Six: Siege will get access to the Closed Beta later on this year. The tactical shooter is due to launch at some point this year.

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