HATRED Gameplay Trailer – “Welcome To Your Nightmare, Mother F$%Kers” [VIDEO]

Just the concept of this game on paper is a terrible idea, and somehow someone in this world signed off on this shit and it’s going to piss a lot of people off. In fact, Hatred has already stirred a lot of controversy in previous gameplay trailers because it features a mass-killing sociopath who hates humanity and begins a “genocide crusade” to kill innocent civilians and police officers. Now, the latest trailer above for Hatred, titled “Human Shields”, is even more shocking than ever.

Think of everything that went wrong in society over the last two decades such as the North Hollywood shootout, the Columbine High School massacre and 2012 Aurora shooting, this game brings all those terrible memories back into video game form. It’s so wrong that we even think it should be permanently banned and we’ve shown readers a lot of shocking crap over the years.

Hatred is pretty much a nightmare for parents. Don’t be surprised if this game inspires the next big massacre. Hatred is now officially set for release on June 1, 2015 for Windows PC.

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