Dying Light Surpasses Dead Island Records

Dying Light Infographic

For those who doubted that Dying Light would be more popular than Dead Island will get a shocking surprise today. According to an announcement from Poland-based developer Techland, the creator of both open-world zombie games, revealed that Dying Light attracted 3.2 million players within the first 45 days following its launch in January, making the new zombie franchise Techland’s most popular title to date.

Techland is celebrating Dying Light‘s sales milestone with a neat little infographic, which also gives insight into how many kilometers players traveled, medkits used, money collected (16x the wealth of Bill Gates), and so on.

Prior to launch, Techland pledged to actively support all versions of Dying Light, so expect many more maps, modes, skills, quests, and “other original content” in the very near future.

Enjoy the stats!

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