The 100th Victim – Dealing With Murder In An Ordinary Way

the 100th victim

Writer, director, filmmaker Anthony von Seck is working on a new short film (description in the video above and in the text below), but he needs your help. His project, while based on a Japanese story, sounds amazing and original, but von Seck needs your help. So head on over to his IndieGoGo page to make a contribution. I love the part in the video above where von Seck talks about the source material and says how it “deals with the subject of murder in such an ordinary way.” That’s some chilling stuff.

the 100th victim

The 100th Victim Synopsis:

The 100th Victim is a short film based on Japanese mystery writer Edogawa Rampo’s story “The Red Chamber,” a macabre tale of a killer who has gotten away with a chilling series of murders. The story, originally set in Japan, has been relocated to a Los Angeles diner at night. Earl Fuller, a bored blogger for the Los Angeles Times, drags himself to the diner in the middle of the night to hear a horrifying story told by Freddie Chambers about his murder spree. The film incorporates poetic and disturbing visuals, as it crawls through Freddie’s twisted story to reach its bizarre conclusion.

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