Help Manborg’s Director Finish His Next Horror Film, The Void [VIDEO]

Manborg is great because it’s original, hilarious, and it has jaw-dropping special effects. Just kidding; the effects aren’t even close to the caliber we saw in the original Star Wars 38 years ago, but they are perfect for an independent sci-fi film like Manborg.

If you’re a fan of the work Steven Kostanski did on Manborg, especially the special effects, then you may want to contribute some dough on his next ambitious project, The Void. Which is an action horror film inspired by classics such as The Thing, The Fly, and The Blob. Kostanski and filmmaker Jeremy Gillespie (Father’s Day) are teaming up again and are trying to raise $50,000 for the practical effects and monsters for The Void.

The trailer above gives fans a bloody taste of the film, and if you like it, then head over to Indiegogo to donate some money for the feature film. By the way, you get perks when you make a donation, so make sure to check out the entire list of items on the page first.

Awww yeah!!!

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