Alkaloid Drop “Cthulu,” And It Might Be The Best Thing You Hear All Week!

alkaloid - 2015

alkaloid - 2015

I’m not a big fan of tech death, but I have to say that the slow, deliberate, and fully mesmerizing groove, along with the small flashes of technical musicianship, of the new track from Alkaloid leaves a sweet taste in my mouth. And actually, this band might change my perceptions. “Cthulu” comes off the German supergroup’s debut album, The Malkuth Grimoire, which has just been completed.

Head on over to MetalSucks to stream this immense tune.

Extreme metal begets extreme metal, and the pedigree of this supergroup is massive. Members of Alkaloid include:

  • Morean (Dark Fortress, Noneuclid) – ­Vocals, Guitars
  • Christian Muenzner (Spawn of Possession, Ex­-Obscura, Ex­-Necrophagist) ­- Guitars
  • Danny Tunker (Aborted, Ex­-God Dethroned) ­- Guitars
  • Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Noneuclid) ­- Bass
  • Hannes Grossmann (Blotted Science, Ex­-Obscura, Ex­-Necrophagist) -­ Drums

Alkaloid decided to self-record and self-release The Malkuth Grimoire via a crowdfunding campaign on The campaign has less than three days remaining, and having received more than €16,000, the band has already surpassed their goal. But you can still contribute if you want to get some cool perks, such as CDs, downloads, T-shirts, personal items, equipment of current and previous recordings, plus the offer to do session work for a contributor’s own project.

Drummer Hannes Grossmann commented on the completion of the album:

We finished the mix of The Malkuth Grimoire. Well, what can I say… it’s a monolith. I really have no clue how people will react when hearing the whole thing. But I’m happy. No doubt that it is the best sounding record of my career. And it’ heavy…I mean HEAVY!!

About Alkaloid:

Alkaloid is a new band created by five good friends, who happen to be well-known musicians of the metal genre. Their intention is to go beyond any limit that metal music sub-genres might have these days and create the world’s most extreme Prog Metal band. They define themselves through the field of tension created between musical opposites. All band members are active death metal musicians who nevertheless all have a much broader view of music than blast beats and growls. They establish from the beginning that they have many faces, and that oscillating between (seemingly) contrary or mutually exclusive styles is an important factor.

Rock Hard \m/

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