New Music: You Have To Hear Yesterday’s Saints’ “The Recruitment”

yesterdays saints - generation of vipers - album cover

The new track from Yesterday’s Saints, “The Recruitment,” is brutal, pounding, powerful, and beautiful. Indeed, you will find yourself addicted to it as there are so many amazing changes and nuances that you’ll want to make sure to catch them all.

Yesterday’s Saints have also just dropped the cover art (above) and the track listing (below) for Generation of Vipers.

Stream “The Recruitment” here.

Opening with a militant march, “The Recruitment” at first sounds to be heavily inspired by Slipknot, but it quickly moves into death metal territory before finding clean vocals that are reminiscent of Fear Factory. And all that makes absolute sense when you consider that the track comes off the band’s forthcoming concept album, Generation of Vipers. As a concept album, it is assembled like an opera, with three acts, along with an instrumental interlude and outro. It traces the story of Satan, one of the most notorious characters in history, throughout time, from his desire to usurp God’s throne to his modern infiltration of mankind to the indication that all of Earth’s inhabitants are now his descendants.

The album opens with a flashback and what corresponds chronologically to a third song is actually listed as the first track. The story then resumes from its chronological beginning with the second track. The final song alludes to two theories of the universe: One that asserts we are all a figment of a man’s dream, along with the multi-dimensional membrane theory, where the Big Bang Theory was/will be the result of an intersection or collision between our current dimensional membrane and a parallel one.

As a result of either theory, whether “the man” waking up or the collision between dimensional membranes, the end of days is the outcome. Time is reset again by the man falling asleep or the explosion of another Big Bang.

Vocalist Matt Rice comments on the album:

We wrote it in a way that there should be something in this album for everyone that likes extreme metal. The first act is primarily melodic death, whereas the second act has doom and rock, and power metal and thrash, while the third act has thrash and melodic death.

Generation of Vipers will be available on February 3rd, and pre-orders can be made on Yesterday’s Saints’ Bandcamp page. Purchases of the album via Bandcamp will also receive a physical copy of the album and the download is mastered for digital play. The album’s amazing artwork was done by Vance Kelly (Huntress, Down, Prong)

Generation of Vipers Track List:

1) Fall of the Ancients
2) Origen Adamantius
3) The Recruitment
4) A Priori
5) Sangreale
6) Cain’s Agony
7) Sands of Nod
8) Generation of Vipers
9) Divine Tragedy
10) Recursion
11) Luctus in Mane

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