Ghostbusters… With Chicks?

ghostbusters 3 emma stone

ghostbusters 3 emma stone

Whether or not the new Ghostbusters project ever gets going, or if Sony will sue Bill Murray, remains to be seen. However, as the Daily Beast is reporting, sourcing the Sony hack, the next Ghostbusters installment could feature an all-female cast. According to the e-mails in the Sony hack, some pretty significant actresses are interested in taking on the movie, including Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, and Lizzy Kaplan. As well, the e-mails reveal that the new Ghostbusters, if it happens, won’t be a direct sequel, but still within the same universe.

Paul Feig is expected to direct.

So, Yellers, what do you think of the future of Ghostbusters? Is a non-direct sequel featuring an all-female cast something that you’d be interested in seeing? Is there anyway this could stand up to the originals (ok, well, the first one)?

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