Masked Intruder – The Pop Punk Band With Creepy Motives

masked intruder band pic

masked intruder band pic

If you’d like your pop punk to give you lessons in being a creepy stalker by a group of guys concealing their identities with ski masks, then you needn’t look further than Madison, Wisconsin’s Masked Intruder. Formed in 2011, the band has released six EPs (which includes a demo), and go by the names Intruder Blue, Intruder Green, Intruder Yellow, and Intruder Red.

Back to those lessons of stalking. While it’s a predominant theme in their catchy riffs and melodies, we like the ones we’re hearing on 2012’s First Offense, especially on “Stick ’em Up (I Got a Knife)” and “Wish You Were Mine.” Overall, how can you resist (or not get arrested) with lyrics like “You just can’t charm a lady with a knife, but that sucks because that’s all I know how to do/Girl please tell me how do I get to you” or “Stick ’em up, I got a knife, motherfucker, stick ’em up… I got your address off your ID” or “Gimme parole I swear I’m over that girl… I’d never repeat the mistakes I made, allegedly” or “I tried to get your attention but you just kept walkin’ by, tonight I’m gonna give another try… your ADT security can’t keep me away from you”?

masked intruders first offense

First Offense is a five-track EP and its available for order at You can also stream it there if you like, but spend the damn $4 and support the band. If you’re looking for the perfect stalking stuffer for the little psycho in your life, this is it!

Rock Hard \m/

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