Inner Circle Avenue Release “Goin’ Nowhere Fast” Video

Inner Circle Avenue, from Toledo, Ohio, have released the video for their single, “Goin’ Nowhere Fast.” It’s a run-of-the-mill video featuring the band playing in a room, but the track itself sounds pretty damn good. In fact, the tracks sounds like it belongs on a teen comedy soundtrack. Although, there isn’t anything particularly unique about it, as it’s a basic pop punk anthem. The only aspect that I personally don’t like is the breakdown where it delves into some electronic shit.

“Goin’ Nowhere Fast” can be found on Inner Circle Avenue’s 2016 debut EP, *Greetings from the Inner Circle. Says the foursome about the track:

The song, ‘Goin’ Nowhere Fast,’ illustrates young souls looking for a sense of belonging in a confusing and tumultuous world. The fruits of your labor combined with life’s passions far too often fall short of expectations. Clouded by a sense of pure determination, one could become misguided. However, youthful ambitions triumph over a repressed society. Through the song, ‘Goin’ Nowhere Fast,’ we have acknowledged our inner struggles and overcome them through an overwhelming sense of family and friendship.


About Inner Circle Avenue:

Inner Circle Avenue is a four-piece, high-energy rock band comprised of three siblings (two brothers and one sister), hailing from the small town of Blissfield, Michigan. With an additional friend brought in to complete the band, the overall sense of family, camaraderie, and passion for rock and roll is truly unleashed through Inner Circle Avenue. From rock ballads to fast, heavy-hitting anthems and everything in-between, the band aims to bring music that listeners can truly connect with. Both through their music and electric, onstage presence, the band always brings a crowd together for a one-of-a-kind experience during every live performance. Inner Circle Avenue has released one six-song EP and is currently finishing demos for a full-length album.

Inner Circle Avenue has always pursued opportunities to give back to the community through charity shows. These shows have raised money for benefits such as: CS Mott Children’s Hospital, battling childhood cancer, Assistant Dogs for Achieving Independence, Andover Apartment Fire Benefit and The Beach House, which provides monetary funding and housing for battered women and children.

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