New Music: Stream Devilment’s New Album, The Great And Secret Show, In Its Entirety


Thanks to Nuclear Blast Records and Kerrang!, you can now stream Devilment’s debut album, The Great And Secret Show, in its entirety before it hits store shelves on Halloween. That’s right! The full friggin album which features the one of kind vocals of extreme metalist Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth and Temple Of The Black Moon.

The Great And Secret Show is an album of pure unadulterated metal madness and is unlike anything that you would expect to come from the craw of Dani Filth.

Classic heavy and groove-laden riffs combined with a soundtrack ripped from a Hitchcock flick, are infused with insane melodies and a roaming evil-eye for the avant garde. Plus the artwork, undertaken by Drake Mefestta, is an incredible walk-through of megalithic proportions and destined to drop jaws to the floor.

After a quick listen, we find it amazing and we promise the album won’t disappoint you. Give it a try right below and make sure to pick it up on October 31.


“Summer Arteries”
“Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me”
“Girl From Mystery Island”
“The Stake In My Heart”
“Living With The Fungus”
“Mother Kali”
“Staring At The Werewolf Corps”
“Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero”
“Laudanum Skull”
“The Great And Secret Show”

Bonus Tracks:
“Beds Are Burning” (Midnight Oil cover)
“Psycho Babble”
“Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me” (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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