Dani Filth Shows Off His Private Horror Movie Collection

The connection between horror and heavy metal is one of the pillars that Yell! Magazine is built on. There are countless metal artists who have cited their horror influence, not the least of which is Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth, and now Devilment.

In a two-part video, Dani shows off his private horror movie collection. The purpose of this little show and tell was to promote the October 31st release of Devilment’s debut album, The Great and Secret Show, by showing fans the horror movies that inspired the songs and the album. However, the purpose got lost as Dani devolved into a giddy schoolboy showing off his collection. In the end, Dani just talks about his favorite horror films, in his home, with his private stash… and that is a treat.

If you have a passion for horror, or if you want a peek inside Dani Filth’s disturbed head, then have a watch at the two videos we’ve included here. At the very least you’ll find some excellent viewing suggestions.

Also, order Devilment’s The Great and Secret Show on CD, MP3, and vinyl.

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