Tracey Birdsall Interview: A Sci-Fi Junkie Breaking Into Horror With Dawn Of The Crescent Moon

dawn of the crescent moon

TRACY BIRDSALL - dawn of the crescent moon

We recently went to a workshop/lecture about writing women characters in horror and avoiding tropes; what’s your viewpoint about how women are portrayed in horror movies?
A lot of times they’re victims, they’re not as strong of characters. There’s a lot of T&A, which I’m actually a fan of, I have no problem with that. But of course they’re portrayed usually in a particular way, but I don’t think that’s bad because we get portrayed in different ways in different genres, so we get to experience being different people — and get exploited in different ways (laughs).

You’re a fitness enthusiast; do you follow mixed martial arts at all?
I do, and I have a really good friend who actually just won another championship. Yeah, I love it. I love boxing too.

Can you tell us about some of your upcoming films?
I can tell you about one of them and I can tell you vaguely about two of them. In the beginning of November we’re shooting this science fiction film called Descent, with Neil Johnson who’s a very well-known science fiction director, and we’re producing it together. I’m in it; I have this amazing role; I love it. It’s cool because it’s science fiction, but it’s also time travel. I grew up a science fiction junkie. I was a Star Trek baby.

And then I have a comedy that I’m the lead in and a kind of an action/drama, which are back to back in February and March. But I signed a contract and I’m not allowed to talk about any of that.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned since your career began?
Never ever, ever, ever go in unprepared.

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with Yell! Magazine today.
Thank you.

Rock Hard \m/

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