VIDEO: New Clip From Tusk – Cana-do’s And Cana-don’ts

Kevin Smith’s hotly anticipated horror flick, Tusk, hits theaters this Friday, but before we see Justin Long transform into a beastly walrus, we have another clip from the movie that should keep you out of Manitoba, Canada. If you’re not a hockey fan like Justin, then this clip is a learning lesson before you step foot into “The Great White North.”

We highly suggest you start taking Cana-do’s and Cana-don’ts seriously, otherwise, Canada is a dangerous place for you.

Watch the video clip above to get a head start.

About Tusk (2014)

TUSK follows Wallace (Long), a journalist on a mission. He finds the story of a lifetime in Mr. Howe (Parks), a worldwide adventurer with amazing tales and a curious penchant for walruses.

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