Rambo 5’s Rumored Title: Does Anyone Care?


Rambo 5 has been an on-again, off-again project since 2008’s Rambo, but today a rumored title was thrown about. That title would be Rambo: Last Blood, which is obviously a reference to the franchise’s first film, 1982’s masterpiece, First Blood. But the title is also a reference to something else; yes, bringing the worlds of post-Vietnam mercenary and video games together, the title might also be inspired by an online flash game called Last Blood, which was developed by “last”-obsessed Peter Javidpour (The Last of Us).

Honestly, I liked the last Rambo movie, heck, I even liked the last Rocky movie, but does anyone care for a final Rambo movie from Sylvester Stallone? The movie-going public isn’t exactly showing any love for Stallone these days, whose last four movies have underperformed in the U.S. If the star-studded The Expendables 3 can only garner $37 million in ticket sales, how well can a fifth Rambo movie actually do?

Rambo 5 is also rumored to begin filming this fall.

You tell us, would you go see Rambo 5 in theaters?

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