Lamb Of God Set Release Date For As The Palaces Burn Doc

lamb of god as the palaces burn cover art

lamb of god as the palaces burn cover art

Lamb of God’s documentary film, As the Palaces Burn, first hit the radar shortly after Randy Blythe’s manslaughter trial. Although it was in the works prior to the legal issues, the film’s direction shifted as a result of it. Well, fans, the doc’s DVD release date has finally been announced, and you can get your grubby little hands on it on October 14th.

As the Palaces Burn is a two-DVD set, via Epic Records. The first DVD is the film proper, while the second DVD includes over two hours of additional, unreleased “making of” footage and general footage not included in the doc’s final cut. And, yes, since the doc changed direction while in the making, the second DVD also includes material from the originally conceived version, which has something to do with the music of Lamb of God and its effect on fans and culture.

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