VIDEO: Extended “I Don’t Want To Die In Canada” Clip From Kevin Smith’s Tusk

Tusk is Kevin Smith’s “modern-day monster flick” that puts Justin Long in a terrifying situation where he’s going to be transformed into something that we, as an audience have never seen before. Michael Parks plays the maniac adventurer that captures and tortures Wallace Bryton (Long) into becoming a walrus.

It’s a sick idea that Kevin Smith came up with his long-time friend and producer Scott Mosier during the recording of SModcast 259. The idea was conceived after an hour long episode that is based on the narrative poem by Lewis Carroll titled The Walrus and the Carpenter.

I’m assuming the clip above takes place before the bizarre transformation process begins. Clearly, Justin Long’s character isn’t thrilled on what’s about to happen and doesn’t want to die in Canada. However, I’m excited because I have a feeling it’s going to be shockingly good.

Tusk premieres tonight at TIFF and hits theaters on September 19th.

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