War Machine Charged With 32 Felonies, Could Face Life In Prison If Convicted


War Machine

Remember Jonathan Koppenhaver? I’m sure you do because he also goes by the nickname War Machine in mixed martial arts, a former Bellator welterweight that seriously injured his ex-girlfriend/pornstar Christy Mack and her friend Corey Thomas in the morning of Friday, August 8 in Las Vegas.

A week-long manhunt took place after the incident where War Machine was initially wanted for nine felony charges, but since his arrest in Simi Valley and first appearance in court today, the MMA fighter now faces a total of 32 felony charges for the recent Christy Mack assault and other violent incidents that go all the way back to May 2013.

According to a report by from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the list of charges include some of the following:

Attempted murder, sexual assault, battery, coercion, preventing or dissuading a witness or victim from reporting a crime, and first-degree kidnapping resulting in substantial bodily harm.

War Machine pleaded “not guilty” to all 32 charges and is scheduled to return in court on October 17. If convicted, he could face life imprisonment without the option of parole.

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