Cannibal Corpse Interview: Rob Barrett Bringing Heavy To The Masses



Legendary death metallers and purveyors of rotting flesh, Cannibal Corpse, are on the cusp of the September 16th release of their 13th album, The Skeletal Domain. They’re also about to embark on an extensive tour.

I had the opportunity of chatting with guitar player Rob Barrett about the upcoming album, Ice-T, and the plans for the rest of the year. Here’s what he had to say…

How are you doing today?
Good man. How’s it going? Where are you at?

I’m in Iowa actually.
Oh shit, damn [laughs].

Yea [laughs] where are you at?
I’m in Tampa, Florida.

What is the weather like?
Hot as usual.

How was touring Mayhem?
It was good for us to be the only pure death metal on the whole tour just because we are always – when we do tours like that – we are always looking at trying to get more people into death metal and we are usually pretty successful. We did it on the mayhem tour in ’09. There was a good amount of death metal bands as well as us on that one, this time around we were the only pure death metal band on the whole tour. It was good for us to try and win over some new fans and get them into heavier stuff.

Awesome, who was your favorite band to watch?
Body Count.

They are pretty fun to listen to.
Yea, and fortunately they were playing right before on the stage right next to us. It worked out well, we would check them out and as soon as they were done. Ice-T would say “Alright, make your way over to the center stage for the Infamous Cannibal Corpse!” [laughs]

So Ice-T would always be the one to introduce you?
Well yea, he would say, “go and check out cannibal corpse.” He would come and watch us too. I would see him in between songs and he would stand there behind my amp. He’s liked Cannibal Corpse for a long time. We met him back in ’93, we did a Milwaukee metal fest with Body Count, he mentioned us in several interviews in the past, he’s known about us since the beginning.


Now you are on album number 13, anything unlucky happen during recording?
Actually, we’ve had more bad luck on other albums than on this one. Everything went pretty smooth on this one. We’ve had issues of guitars not staying in tune at different studios for other albums, it was pretty smooth this time around.

Find out where the album’s title, The Skeletal Domain, came from after the jump…

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